Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kickstarter campaign

It's been a long time everybody. I uploaded a Kickstarter campaign about a few weeks ago on Kickstarter. It is about my three trips to Japan in photography. Using both digital and film cameras I captured what I saw on my trips. This book will show photographs from my digital and film experiences of various types of photography such as landscape, cityscape, street photography, macro, in monochrome. I am really excited to put this photography book together and share it to others. You will see gardens in cities and people in booth late spring early summer and fall. If you can only help a little bit it will go a long way in me a cheating this project. There are other rewards other than the book itself.
The campaign is at kickstarter and the project is called 3 X Japan. Here is the link

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's been awhile!

Hey everyone, it has been awhile since I posted on here. I finished up my pictures from Japan quite awhile ago like October or something might have been the last post. It is the new year and I haven't touched the blog at all. I been focusing on other things like my photography a lot more then writing. I have been getting more serious and also been shooting more film photography. I really enjoy it and it takes awhile to get my film back to me when I send it out. That doesn't say I upload to the internet my photography. I started a newer blog for a more professional look at WordPress.
The only blogger blog I still operate still is where my girlfriend and I upload pictures and reviews of Asian themed/originated foods or drinks. We love different foods and culture from countries in the east and I like photography. So when we buy or make foods that are related I take pictures and upload an opinion/ review with some background on the food. It's fun and we been doing it for about a year now.
I start school today, I signed up for Horticulture classes since I want to get into Landscape Design. Japanese Gardens have really inspired me to do  this as a profession and I hope to get to that point some day. I am still a full time Project Manager at an Environmental company.

Now the blog that I will update more often with posts like I did here is
I have Flickr and also 500px  where my pictures from film and digital go.
I will now be posting at the website there which can also be reached by

I will be going on another Japan trip in May! I'm pretty excited about it!

I hope to post here again sometime but all my new content will pretty much go to
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