Saturday, September 20, 2014

Island in the Sky - Clingmans Dome, Smoky Mountains

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There were books inside the store that called it the Island in the Sky. It is the highest point in Tennessee and it is around 6600 feet. It has a special type of environment up there with old fer trees and the moisture is great. I loved coming up to the top even though I didn't hike up there just walked up a long paved trail to the view.  

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Here is the trail that leads to it. There was a lot of cloud cover and we didn't get the best view that we should have gotten.

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The tower gives you a view over the trees since the summit has a lot of trees covering it. This also gives you a chance to feel like you are walking up to the canopy of the trees.

 photo IMG_1858_zps96adbed3.jpg

The path advances up in a circular fashion and provides a different perspective.

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Mount LeConte is somewhere behind that large cloud, draped in mist.

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Bet you can see South Carolina from here

 photo IMG_1899_zpsb00a836c.jpg  photo IMG_1890_zps8a32a7cf.jpg

Lichen clings to the trees up there with all the moisture that comes through.

 photo IMG_1908_zpsd019b31e.jpg

There are also trees dying from acid rain which is a problem in the park and something that is not of the natural course of things.

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