Thursday, September 18, 2014

B's Hobby in Shijo Kyoto

B's Hobby shop is right of Shijo and you will sorta notice it since there is a few toys out front. You go down the stairs to the store which a lot of hobby kits and supplies are waiting for you! I recommend going here if you are into this stuff, other place that I would recommend is the toy floor/hobby floor of Kyoto's Yodabashi Camera which is great as well. At the end of the stairs there is a few completed kits.

 photo DSCF3712_zpsa2e611ee.jpg

There is a lot of military kits and a bunch of other otaku type kits.

 photo DSCF3713_zpsaa4e6a11.jpg

There is also an impressive amount of supplies to build them, more so then my hobby store.

 photo DSCF3714_zps09e197a0.jpg

All in organized fashion, glad I made a stop, I picked up some Gundam Gum and a HGUC kit there!

 photo DSCF3715_zps5fe68cb2.jpg

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