Thursday, August 14, 2014

Todai-ji Temple's Daibutsudden and The Great Daibutsu in Nara

Todai-ji is one of those spectacularly large structures that you can see. Meaning the Eastern Great Temple, it is located in Nara Japan where the old capitol resided before moving to Kyoto. This is the Great Buddha Hall (Daibutsuden) where it houses the worlds largest bronze Buddha statue (Vairocana) known in Japan as Daibutsu. The temple is the home of Kegon school of Buddhism and it has been rebuilt a few times and is actually smaller then the original! The now standing building was built in 1709 and 30% smaller then the last. 
Up till 1998 it was the largest wooden building in the world.

It is massive when you fist see it!

 photo IMG_9250_zps805916b5.jpg

Nandaimon (South Gate) has been reconstruct in the late 1100's to the Song Dynasty Style...

 photo IMG_9226_zps7e5dfa47.jpg

 photo IMG_9231_zps7d7a66d8.jpg

Those people are small in comparison!

 photo IMG_9232_zpsedb46435.jpg

This Daibutsu is large!

 photo IMG_9233_zps555c2e9c.jpg

There is a hole in a pillar inside that is apparently the size of the Great Daibutsu's nose. If you can crawl through it, it has healing powers and you are almost guaranteed to go to Heaven.

 photo IMG_9238_zpsbc3da4ab.jpg

Lucky me I made it through some how!

 photo IMG_9244_zps3f8982b5.jpg

 photo IMG_9245_zps76d92238.jpg

I was leaving as massive crowds were gathering! I visited it with about one school group in there at 9am!

 photo IMG_9247_zps34bd310e.jpg

Looking back before I head out to the outlying area...

 photo IMG_9249_zps378d2327.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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