Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tenjuan Temple - Kyoto, Japan

Tenjuan Temple is a sub-temple that is with Nanzen-ji and right next door. It was founded in 1336 by a guy named Kokanshiren who was the chief priest of Nanzen-ji at the time in honor of Nanzen-ji. It has two lovely gardens one dry and one pond.
The colors make it a famous one to view as well, plenty of people were there...

 photo IMG_9731_zps1163320d.jpg

They also set up lights for viewing in the evening...

 photo IMG_9730_zps87645606.jpg

I love dry gardens with moss, absolutely love them.

 photo IMG_9741_zps24e65052.jpg  photo IMG_9744_zps857d322b.jpg

The pond garden was nice and had a nice building with a view out..

 photo IMG_9753_zpsa7887be7.jpg

There were some lily pads still floating out...

 photo IMG_9754_zps766467f7.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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