Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kyoto Botanical Garden Conservatory

The Kyoto Botanical Gardens Conservatory is really awesome. I haven't been in one that large in a long time and offered a lot of plants to see. In 1992 the green house opened with 4,612 square meters with 9 zones inside. There is 25,000 plants approx inside! You do have to pay an extra 200 Yen to go inside or buy a joint ticket at the gate before entering the gardens. Was wonderful to get out of the chilly air and in the humid zones...
The design was inspired by the near by Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion).

 photo IMG_0378_zps68970525.jpg

So much green!

 photo IMG_0334_zps91570185.jpg

Lots of plants that I have seen back at home

 photo IMG_0335_zps86ca502e.jpg  photo IMG_0336_zpsc01cccfe.jpg  photo IMG_0337_zps2ee8bcc1.jpg  photo IMG_0339_zps110bec9f.jpg  photo IMG_0341_zps14389d92.jpg  photo IMG_0343_zps776a3e7e.jpg

Some had a bad smell and others great!

 photo IMG_0345_zpscb6438b1.jpg

I did see a few couples probably out on a nice date...

 photo IMG_0347_zpsb110ec83.jpg

Some of these rooms were surprisingly humid and I was worried for my camera's sake as the lens was fogging up...

 photo IMG_0348_zpsd331f3cf.jpg  photo IMG_0350_zps60ec4117.jpg  photo IMG_0351_zps61e80359.jpg  photo IMG_0352_zps66c28af5.jpg  photo IMG_0353_zpscca86615.jpg  photo IMG_0355_zps630d10bf.jpg

Then there were the arid areas where it was dry climates. Some cactus plants and succulents I have never seen before...

 photo IMG_0357_zps61a76dc8.jpg  photo IMG_0358_zps38e46b1a.jpg

Don't fall over...

 photo IMG_0359_zps89548dc7.jpg  photo IMG_0360_zps5161365a.jpg  photo IMG_0361_zps74086910.jpg  photo IMG_0372_zps57d46bc6.jpg

That's a pitcher plant, we have some native to Virginia!

 photo IMG_0374_zps503f1052.jpg  photo IMG_0375_zpse2561ec0.jpg  photo IMG_0376_zps8097b3b0.jpg

They had a rafflesia in a tank of water or some solution to reserve it. It is the largest flower in the word and smells like a rotting flesh. Very interesting!

 photo IMG_0377_zpsa0935abf.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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