Wednesday, June 11, 2014

White Oak Canyon in Shenandoah National Park

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White Oak Canyon is one of the most popular waterfall hikes in Shenandoah National Park. It is a great hike and I did it as a look with Cedar Run on the way back down the mountain, refer to this link for the trail. There are 6 waterfalls ranging from 23 feet to 86 feet. Also if you like cold water to take a dip hike in swim trunks as there are decent pools under the falls but it may be crowded. I also parked at the bottom outside of the park. 

The trail is a great one that offers great views and follows water all the way to the top of the Upper falls. The nice running water noise is great background and offers a cool hike in the shade.

 photo IMG_1459_zpsf3e73e8a.jpg

The trail crosses a few times over the water which is fine but beware as if it is raining or just rained a lot it might be higher then normal and a path that only your soles of the shoes are in water might be ankle deep.

 photo IMG_1463_zps8e2be060.jpg  photo IMG_1470_zps85e50197.jpg

Might not be able to tell but this is over 20 feet and the pool of water below is around 5 feet deep maybe more or less and this one isn't that far into the hike.

 photo IMG_1480_zps801f10d9.jpg

There isn't to many views of the mountains from the hike since most of the trail is covered and it really is a hike for the falls.

 photo IMG_1486_zps7adc6f98.jpg  photo IMG_1499_zps4afcd5fd.jpg

This is the upper falls and you are on a cliff to over look the drop  and it is a pretty good drop.

 photo IMG_1513_zps3ca1d159.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the photos. If you are going to take the loop trail which I recommend since it is a great trip, pack plenty of water, good shoes and some snacks or a lunch!

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