Friday, June 6, 2014

Taizoin Zen Temple - Kyoto, Japan

This temple is the oldest inside of Myoshin-ji temple complex. Was founded in 1404 by Muinsoin but he original buildings got burned in the Onin Wars. Now the dry garden there, Motonobu-no-niwa, has large and smaller rocks with evergreen. That was the original garden and the newer one with azaleas and the stream running down the center seen below was built recently in 1963-66 (recently in terms of temples in Kyoto). I nice garden to see and I am surprised that the azaleas that are seen here and trimmed so perfect that it looks like small hills of grass.

 photo IMG_0270_zpsf069d8be.jpg

 photo IMG_0245_zpsd2ad8f78.jpg

A look inside.

 photo IMG_0250_zps4eb608b4.jpg

There was no one there when I went and added a nice relaxing feel to it...

 photo IMG_0268_zpsc26e2f91.jpg

I am just super impressed at the trimming...

 photo IMG_0265_zps478d5b3a.jpg

A sign leads the way to the entrance in the Myosinji complex...

 photo IMG_0243_zpsf50cf171.jpg

A spring to cleans ones hands...

 photo IMG_0276_zpsef26c940.jpg

The famous dry gardens...

 photo IMG_0263_zpsb6d35e74.jpg

 photo IMG_0260_zps8598cf45.jpg

Lush moss, gosh I love moss

 photo IMG_0254_zps847deb62.jpg

Part of the roof where  they layer cedar bark over and over, it is incredible that they do this with almost all rooftops and takes a lot of time, manpower and skill.

 photo IMG_0253_zps46ab83cb.jpg

 photo IMG_0248_zps6253da87.jpg

Some statues and the one on the right is part of a cemetery...

 photo IMG_0247_zps49dc0797.jpg photo IMG_0258_zpsab0c50ac.jpg

Thanks fro looking!
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