Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kyoto Botanical Gardens

Kyoto Botanical Gardens is a nice gardens that are located near North Kyoto. I passed on this my first time visiting but I decided to go this past time since I was wanting something different to do. It is next to the Kamo River and started in 1924 but was disused by 1946. Started back up in 1961 and as of recently contains up to 12,000 species of plants and a large conservatory that is shaped like Ginkakuji and surrounding buildings. I have a separate post for the conservatory since there is a lot inside there too. 

 photo IMG_0383_zps0dfdf744.jpg

I went in the week and it was rather peaceful and the price is not that high compared to ones at home.

 photo IMG_0380_zps43e542a2.jpg

Nice clear day and ginko trees dropping there leaves...

 photo IMG_0333_zps115aeda0.jpg  photo IMG_0409_zpseeb3680b.jpg

Even though it was November there were still some flowers that were out but don't go for flowers. There are forested areas that are magical...

 photo IMG_0385_zps290faad1.jpg

Some students painting...

 photo IMG_0388_zps0aacd266.jpg

Here was some of the forested area, quiet and left alone for you to enjoy...

 photo IMG_0394_zps8a085743.jpg  photo IMG_0399_zpsd5665f6f.jpg  photo IMG_0400_zps8263da00.jpg

There are certain areas in the gardens like the cherry tree part and Japanese Native plants and even European style...

 photo IMG_0403_zpsd782878d.jpg  photo IMG_0404_zps5f9b5ba9.jpg  photo IMG_0407_zps16632b68.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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