Monday, June 9, 2014

Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple - Sagano

Adashino Nenbutsu-ji is located in Sagano part of Kyoto which is a nice area to travel around in. Kukai is said to have founded the temple in 811 and then it was altered by Honen. It is in an area that is believed the people use toe abandon bodies to the elements. Now there is 8,000 Buddhist statues that are around the complex to honor the dead and during a ceremony they light candles on 1,000 of them.

I was surprised that there were that many statues. 

 photo IMG_0127_zpsdf92c695.jpg

There were a lot of different kinds of statues on the grounds...

 photo IMG_0120_zps2f3f06de.jpg

 photo IMG_0128_zpse63a941e.jpg

 photo IMG_0130_zps886e2008.jpg

There was this pagoda looking statue in the middle of this heavily condensed area of statues.

 photo IMG_0131_zpsb5297293.jpg

There is bamboo out behind the main buildings that lead to a grave yard...

 photo IMG_0135_zpsa8bd9424.jpg

Here was a headless statue.

 photo IMG_0140_zps2f600558.jpg

The elements have gotten to these statues for awhile.

 photo IMG_0141_zps3d6e62b6.jpg  photo IMG_0144_zps8d07cccd.jpg  photo IMG_0143_zps691c95fb.jpg

I thought this was really adorable in this area of moss...

 photo IMG_0148_zps54e19352.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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