Sunday, May 4, 2014

Walking in Higashiyama, Kyoto

The Higashiyama area near Kiyomizu-dera is certainly an interesting place to walk around. Lots of shops with souvenir things but also original crafts and foods. Lovely old buildings and 98% pedestrian streets making it awesome to walk around. If you get to Kiyomizu-dera and need something to do, walk along the streets and head north to Gion, you wont regret. 
This lovely lady was posing for some pictures, she was very elegant.

 photo IMG_9945_zpsc9e102eb.jpg
Lots of little things to take notice and take photographs of...

 photo IMG_9966_zps23696039.jpg

Maybe you might want to stop at the Liquor Shop...?

 photo IMG_9952_zps8a01ad7d.jpg

Interesting gates to peoples driveways.

\ photo IMG_9951_zps3d61a3b8.jpg  photo IMG_9948_zpsd6bc5cc8.jpg

It definitely has an old traditional feel to it.

 photo IMG_9939_zps2a60a939.jpg  photo IMG_9930_zpse6145ee4.jpg

Grabbed some ice cream with match flavor, got to love it!

 photo IMG_9926_zpsb40da8d9.jpg  photo IMG_9935_zps22ff1c02.jpg

Even though it has a traditional feel it has some modern signs...

 photo IMG_9911_zpsa4173a16.jpg  photo IMG_9916_zpsd910214a.jpg

Some workers fixing up a pine tree in a yard to look amazing...

 photo IMG_9921_zps6bb8c77b.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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