Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tofuku-ji Temple's Hojo Gardens

Tofuku-ji Temple complex has some amazing gardens. I missed out a lot my first visit and I am glad I put a few hours time into visiting in the Autumn this past November. I arrived right after my visit in the morning to Fushimi Inari Taisha. The main building when you walk in has some great gardens and this is what this post is on. These are part of the Hojo or the abbots quarters. 
Below is the Southern Garden, where it has four rock groupings that represent the Elysian Islands. East to West; Eiju, Horai, Koryo and Hojo. The far right corner has moss covered mounds that represent the sacred mountains.

 photo IMG_9478_zpse5d8c115.jpg

Here is the Hojo from outside before entering...

 photo IMG_9474_zps4f8423aa.jpg

Southern Gardens from the other angle looking east...

 photo IMG_9489_zps0fcf9dfd.jpg

Had a view of the bridge loaded with people going over to the Kaizan-do...

 photo IMG_9486_zps798248f9.jpg

The western garden has some moss and the a gravel covered area that has azaleas that are cut in cube shape in a checkered form...Known as "Seiden" or Chinese way.

 photo IMG_9485_zpsa1c980bd.jpg

This part I love. I love the pattern that was created here and moss. This is the North Garden that faces the bridge and the gorge called Sengyokukan (autumn tinted valley).

 photo IMG_9483_zpsee165125.jpg

The stones seen in this garden, the east garden, were once pillars for other buildings in the area. These seven pillars represent the stars of the Great Bear of the heaven.

 photo IMG_9476_zps5a54bd8f.jpg

I made myself come back around after the loop and was really impressed. I would come here again definitely.

 photo IMG_9475_zps2f322b31.jpg

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