Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shorenin Temple - Kyoto, Japan

I ended up going here really early in the morning before there was much people. I arrived before it opened and waited. Part of the Tendai Sect, it was one of the monzeki temples which had head priests that were associated with the Imperial Family. It is also known as the Awata Palace since at one point in time the palace was burned and this was used as a temporary palace.

 photo IMG_9719_zpsada2ceaf.jpg

Lots of color on the grounds...

 photo IMG_9678_zpsd41aafdd.jpg

This was taken right outside before entering when I was waiting for it to open.

 photo IMG_9667_zpsbe29659f.jpg

This is the Kachoden drawing room where you can sit inside and view...

 photo IMG_9675_zps481dc72f.jpg

There was a nice pond with rocks and being feed by a stream...

 photo IMG_9690_zpsa3d8a08c.jpg  photo IMG_9682_zpscb698819.jpg

Lots of places to walk around inside, there were a few vendors selling crafts inside, I guess part of the special season...

 photo IMG_9680_zpsd8de7a75.jpg

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