Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jackson Ward in Richmond

Few weeks ago I went to a Meetup for the Photography Group and we walked around Jackson Ward in downtown Richmond Virginia. Jackson Ward has a lot of history behind it as a historic African-
American neighborhood. It is called Jackson Ward because it was named that at the time when there were certain wards in the city and it stayed. Jackson is a registered National Historic Landmark as of 1976.
It was the center of Black Commerce in the community and it was called "Harlem of the South" for its commerce and entertainment in the ward. If fell is disrepair for awhile with the growth of Richmond like 95 and oddly enough the growth of the Civil Rights movement. It wasn't till the mid 1900's that investors came to fix up homes and restore the area. There is a lot of neat architecture in the area and lots of iron work. 

There are alos a lot of colors that can bee seen with the artwork on the side of buildings there now...

 photo IMG_1008_zps03bb6aeb.jpg

A photographer showed up in his motorcycle and about half the people were taking some photographs of it...

 photo IMG_0998_zps98a1883b.jpg  photo IMG_1001_zps1c4e8c1e.jpg 

Love the buildings downtown, got to get more chances to walk around down there...

 photo IMG_0996_zpsef7d2f37.jpg  photo IMG_1009_zps80bf156c.jpg  photo IMG_1022_zps4c703dd6.jpg 

Steamer Company No. 5 was an old fire station and served as one from 1883 to 1968. It is now home to Gallery 5.

 photo IMG_1010_zps9d8b073d.jpg 

A door that went to no where...

 photo IMG_1023_zps3371f0b4.jpg

Interesting shape to this building forming to its plot in the ward...

 photo IMG_1028_zps3f8cd596.jpg

Saw a few cats watching us as we walked around the area...

 photo IMG_1027_zps269059fb.jpg  photo IMG_1046_zps4af7d6e0.jpg

I noticed a lot of advertising for Coca-Cola products in the area, mostly old paintings on the side of buildings...

 photo IMG_1056_zpsf73b2e04.jpg  photo IMG_1059_zps11a979fd.jpg

I thought this was an interesting fire hydrant shape...

 photo IMG_1062_zps202256d7.jpg  photo IMG_1063_zpse55ff43f.jpg 

Plenty of old church's in the area that are still used today...

 photo IMG_1076_zps580449eb.jpg 

Some nice old cars parked in the area along with the Prius's and regular sedans. 

 photo IMG_1064_zps02b557c7.jpg  photo IMG_1089_zpsd7dd6615.jpg

Met this guy who wanted a picture so we grabbed it and told him, "That is how you get famous."

 photo IMG_1091_zps1f023b5e.jpg 

More Coca-Cola, gotta love it.

 photo IMG_1092_zpscc053039.jpg 

Headed back to where we started down and alley way.

 photo IMG_1095_zps84386a8b.jpg  photo IMG_1097_zps15302d39.jpg 

Instead of bars on a window we have this metal that was weaved, I down think I would have luck getting in...

 photo IMG_1105_zpsa97210fe.jpg

Thanks for taking a look today!
Info was from Wikipedia

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