Friday, May 9, 2014

Iwatayama Monkey Park - Kyoto, Japan

I didn't go here on my first trip to Japan because I was uninterested but was glad that I gave myself a chance to visit. I had time and visited a lot of Arashiyama and I wanted to get away from the strong crowds that was down around the bridge so I came up here. It is located on Mt. Arashiyama and has 180 Japanese macaque monkeys. I will give you a heads up that you will pay at the bottom of the mountain and then hike up for about 20-30 minutes to the top which is a little strenuous. You will enjoy a great view of the city though!

 photo IMG_0210_zpse34eca27.jpg

Here is the trail up the mountain!

 photo IMG_0189_zps80e123da.jpg

They will walk by you and pass you so don't get freaked out...

 photo IMG_0193_zpsdffefae7.jpg  photo IMG_0194_zpscc1f64cb.jpg

Inside the building you can buy a cup of monkey food to feed them through the fence for about 100 Yen.

 photo IMG_0196_zpsed4a934e.jpg

The view is great and you can even see Kyoto Tower way off in the distance!

 photo IMG_0203_zpsdb517c04.jpg

There is the building.

 photo IMG_0205_zps4ed67e1d.jpg

Some grooming

 photo IMG_0211_zps8e600c6b.jpg  photo IMG_0217_zps2a36b6bb.jpg

I guess these guys are sleeping...

 photo IMG_0219_zps77ff02d8.jpg

Baby riding on back!

 photo IMG_0222_zpsa9f7def6.jpg

Here is a sign that has a few rules for your safety and the monkeys.

 photo IMG_0229_zps5fe39e4c.jpg  photo IMG_0230_zps5a2c7078.jpg  photo IMG_0212_zps27e87482.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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