Friday, May 2, 2014

Isuien Gardens - Nara, Japan

These gardens are truley beautiful. There was a single spot that you just didn't want to move your eyes from, everything about it was great. It was like the perfect spot for viewing. I met some American's that were traveling in a senor group and she agreed with me that she didn't want to leave and was even 30 minutes late to the tour bus because of it! It was created in the Meiji Era in Nara and was once two separate gardens before being one. The garden is 145,000 Square Feet! This part of the garden had a great view where you can see borrowed scenery with the mountains in the back and the top of the Nandimon Gate door that leads up to Todaiji.

 photo IMG_9336_zpscb84925e.jpg
This part of the garden is right when you walk in where there is a building on the other side where you can get some food. It has a thatched roof.

 photo IMG_9294_zpse02e33e3.jpg  photo IMG_9300_zps5a45e954.jpg

Here is tea building where it has the stone that leads through a small door that you almost have to crawl through. This is like that because it refrains the Samurai from bring in their swords. 

 photo IMG_9301_zps8a784700.jpg  photo IMG_9302_zps5d78f119.jpg 

 photo IMG_9305_zps1b5e9836.jpg

Here is another thatched roof building where the house was.

 photo IMG_9306_zps0d4eca66.jpg 

Just incredible.

 photo IMG_9308_zps58cd4b7a.jpg 

The garden is expansive and much to walk around in the moss... They ask that you stay on the stones to not hurt the moss.

 photo IMG_9311_zpse0163a2f.jpg

The pond that is located in the larger garden is shaped like the kanji for water and it has a crane and tortoise island...

 photo IMG_9313_zpsec71ecf9.jpg  photo IMG_9314_zps7dae0880.jpg 

If you are a fan of color there is plenty.

 photo IMG_9326_zps46aeff2d.jpg

These bushes were bright red...

 photo IMG_9330_zpsec23996b.jpg  photo IMG_9337_zpsb878fc80.jpg

Great Garden go if you are in Nara!
infor from Wikipedia

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