Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sokusoin at Tofukuji Temple - Kyoto, Japan

I could not find much information about this garden but they were nice and it is part of the Tofukuji temple complex. They even put up some chairs next to the main building for viewing pleasure. 

 photo IMG_9522_zps36511c73.jpg
The moss with the round azaleas were lovely...

 photo IMG_9518_zps24b4505a.jpg

 photo IMG_9517_zps30519bb8.jpg

I found this cool, using a round stone and rope to pull on the pine tree a little for shaping purposes...

 photo IMG_9514_zps0aed2a0f.jpg

A single maple leaf on the sea of moss...

 photo IMG_9525_zpsd4a20909.jpg

 photo IMG_9526_zps2a36cd05.jpg

Some statues in the trees off behind the garden...

 photo IMG_9528_zps46cba2b2.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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