Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shorin-in Temple in Ohara Kyoto

Shorin-in Temple in Ohara is next to the must see Sanzen-in and other great temples. If you take bus 17 from Kyoto Station to Ohara Bus Stop it is an hour ride. Ohara takes a little while to get to but it is worth the travel up there by bus. Founded in 1013 by Jakugen to used as a training hall for the Tendai Sect of Buddhism. The main Hondo Hall seen below was reconstructed in 1778. Admission is 300 Yen.

 photo IMG_9120_zps0153c45c.jpg

 photo IMG_9121_zpsa9c7a475.jpg

It was raining on and off that day...

 photo IMG_9126_zpsce5942f5.jpg

That is the belfry, it is a Culture Property...

 photo IMG_9127_zps151a2eba.jpg  photo IMG_9131_zpsb29d4026.jpg

The main Buddha image inside the Hondo...

 photo IMG_9132_zpsa368a301.jpg

The woodwork above the entrance to the Hondo was impressive

 photo IMG_9137_zps4f6a3310.jpg

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