Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nigatsu-do of Todaiji Temple in Nara

So after I visited Todaiji and Hachiman Shrine up the hill I wandered over to this temple which had a view across Nara. Was really nice and you didn't have to pay to go to it either. The name means "Hall of The Second Month" and it is on the side of Mount Wakakusa and it has a few other buildings on its grounds making it a complex inside Todaiji's complex. Sanetada founded the temple in 752 and it made it through the wars in 1180 and 1567 where the Great Buddha Hall did not. 
It has a nice balcony!

 photo IMG_9270_zps86085ec4.jpg

 photo IMG_9269_zps7bce4c48.jpg

This is the east entrance up to the balcony...

 photo IMG_9267_zpsbe18e38a.jpg

 photo IMG_9264_zps61341b5b.jpg

There is also some bronze/copper lanterns on the balcony as well. I find them fascinating.

 photo IMG_9274_zps1b629150.jpg

 photo IMG_9276_zps3b999808.jpg

 photo IMG_9277_zpsd7e5e3bf.jpg

Some colors were right behind it on the mountain.

 photo IMG_9283_zps58c587cc.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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