Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kodai-ji Temple - Kyoto, Japan

Kodai-ji Temple not to far away from Yasaka-jinja or Kiyomizu-dera temple. It is part of the Rinzai Sect of Buddhism and established in 1606 by Nene who is the widow of the late Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I went a guy from Canada that I met earlier on the streets and his fiend a girl from  Taiwan. Was a really nice day!

 photo IMG_9621_zps30b69f5e.jpg
Had a great gardens...

 photo IMG_9622_zpsa5d6250a.jpg

They made this large painting on some wooden boards to put in the garden for autumn.

 photo IMG_9624_zpsf2099590.jpg

There were some great colors here...

 photo IMG_9631_zps64402aa0.jpg

As it got dark which was quick lights started to come on around the pond and various places for the special autumn part.

 photo IMG_9635_zpsa708ffa7.jpg

Illuminating the colors at night seam to be really popular part in the area and real famous for it.

 photo IMG_9643_zps507bee1d.jpg  photo IMG_9644_zps5e8f0f5e.jpg

These are some really old Tea houses

 photo IMG_9647_zps3c4d5ae4.jpg

There are some bamboo on the property as well with lights.

 photo IMG_9649_zps0e5fa15b.jpg

Some more displays for the season...

 photo IMG_9651_zps3fbbdac2.jpg

I wish I went to more light events at night but the lines were huge.

 photo IMG_9654_zps51a58dd7.jpg


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