Friday, April 18, 2014

Jikkoin Temple - Ohara, Kyoto Japan

Jikkoin Temple is right across from the entrance on Nanzenin on Ohara just north of Kyoto. I almost passed on it since the price was high (700 Yen) and it seamed small but I went ahead inside. I got some tea and a sweet to enjoy while I looked upon the gardens. The gardens were lovely. It is a sub-temple of Shorin-in back in 1013.

 photo IMG_9141_zps9e4ca101.jpg
This garden, Keishin-en, takes water from the Ritsusen River. It is a great small garden and you can take your time viewing while you drink your tea. 

 photo IMG_9138_zps938cc210.jpg

Lots of moss.

 photo IMG_9139_zpsc261de25.jpg

Even the stone lantern had some moss cover on it.

 photo IMG_9140_zpse299c37a.jpg

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