Sunday, April 27, 2014

Issen Yoshoku Okonomiyaki Experience in Gion

This is a restaurant that is in the "Gion" area and it was hard to miss. With the colorful store front and friendly workers I decided to stop in especially for Okonominyaki or at least their version of it! There menu is there one thing that you can get there and of course different drinks like beer or just water which is in a pitcher at the table. Also another drawing thing about this place is that they advertise that you can eat with Geisha!

 photo DSCF3630_zps6a5f6624.jpg
There is one of the beautiful Geisha sitting at the table over there! The ema's around the place on the wall have some naughty pictures on it but funny!

 photo DSCF3627_zps201d97c2.jpg

No smoking like Popeye!

 photo DSCF3628_zps8f2943bc.jpg

Menu of drinks and a pitcher of water!

 photo DSCF3626_zpsfcd9de92.jpg

Dinner is served! I am not sure if I am really a okonomiyaki fan, but it was a nice experience!

 photo DSCF3629_zpsbb52edcb.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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