Sunday, March 30, 2014

Walking Around Nara Japan

Nara is the old old capitol of Japan before Kyoto was. It is a great area to go to for a day, lots to see and play with the deer that roam the streets. From 710-784 it was the capitol. Nara's name is believed to come from Narasu which is "flatten" and it is located in the Nara basin. 
It has mountains that are all around and provides great "borrowed scenery" for gardens and  the city ass a whole.

 photo IMG_9290_zps5767de56.jpg

Lots of interesting places that I found that was deserted...

 photo IMG_9265_zps501a73c8.jpg

I was on a trail that was up in the hills that was lined by these statues...

 photo IMG_9281_zps232c9526.jpg  photo IMG_9282_zpsd535f764.jpg

Some old roads that only people were riding mopeds up and down...

 photo IMG_9288_zpscc25b594.jpg

Some people had some fantastic shaped trees out front of their homes...

 photo IMG_9292_zps22803ae2.jpg  photo IMG_9338_zpsb37d243f.jpg

Right by the station there are some shopping and there were some "monks" asking for money or donations...

 photo DSCF3444_zpsa386e92e.jpg

Thanks for looking!
info from wikipedia

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