Friday, March 14, 2014

Ryoginan-totei Temple of Tofuku-ji

Ryoginan-totei Temple is a sub-temple of the Tofuku-ji temple complex. The complex has an impressive layout with fantastic gardens in all the temples. It is considered one of the five main temples of Kyoto. This building has really nice dry garden.
I found this really interesting that it had a border with different color sands...

 photo IMG_9499_zpsd856178f.jpg

Even the wall on the opposite side of the garden has an interesting design on it.

 photo IMG_9498_zps0508e5d3.jpg

 photo IMG_9497_zps8162c3f3.jpg  photo IMG_9501_zps74797656.jpg  photo IMG_9506_zps68226770.jpg

Thanks for looking!
info from wikipedia

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