Thursday, March 20, 2014

Myoshin-ji Temple - Kyoto, Japan

Myoshin-ji Temple is a temple complex with many sub-temples in the grounds much like Daitokuji. It is a head temple of the Rinzai Zen Sect of Buddhism and by far the largest. It use to by the location of the Emperor Hanazono palace before becoming a monk and making the land a temple in 1342. Almost all the buildings got destroyed in the Onin Wars and most of the buildings were built in the 15-17th century. Ryoanji temple is part of the complex just off site.
The Butsuden and Hatto shown below.

 photo IMG_0291_zps790aae44.jpg

 photo IMG_0285_zps2fa0ef3d.jpg

It resembles a lot of Daitokuji when you walk around. It is quite nice walking around.

 photo IMG_0295_zps0cc55b2c.jpg

It was very peaceful walking around, not to many people but there were monks running here and there...

 photo IMG_0305_zps8d81f58e.jpg

There were a lot of temples that I came across that had nice gardens out front but they were not open to go inside...

 photo IMG_0283_zps5870ae94.jpg

 photo IMG_0241_zps3a29ac79.jpg

There were some maple trees that were scattered her and there.

 photo IMG_0237_zps1d9b0c5f.jpg

 photo IMG_0234_zps7311a611.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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