Monday, March 3, 2014

Kasuga-taisha Shrine - Nara, Japan

Kasuga-taisha Shrine in Nara Japan is nestled up by the mountain a little further then Todai-ji but I recommend going while you are there! It is a Shinto Shrine started in 768 and shrines the Fujiwara Family. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site along with the primeval forest behind it. It is mostly known for the many stone lanterns that line the path leading up to it and the shrine has a lot of bronze hanging lanterns within. You get to walk through the deer park where deer are roaming around so it is a great little trip up the hill/mountain from Todai-ji. Enjoy! 
Some of the many lanterns that you pass going through the forest...

 photo IMG_9357_zps116498a0.jpg
Among the trees you walk along this path lined by these stone lanterns and pass through gates with enchanting deer walk among the people...

 photo IMG_9356_zps9befa8dd.jpg

I thought this interesting where a massive tree has long since been gone but a still old probably 30 year old tree growing out of the middle..

 photo IMG_9360_zpsdb92c687.jpg

More lanterns that have stone bases and tops but wooden centers.

 photo IMG_9361_zps598adb86.jpg

This tree was looming over

 photo IMG_9362_zpsf4fa110f.jpg

I wouldn't bother counting the lanterns!

 photo IMG_9364_zpsee7b758a.jpg

The main part of the shrine was under renovation but you could still pay and walk around inside parts. This is a walk way inside that is lined with wonderful looking bronze lanterns.

 photo IMG_9369_zpsed496183.jpg

This was a large old tree in the center of the shrine and has most likely been there since the first time this shrine was is a sacred tree

 photo IMG_9370_zps8729955d.jpg

I love lanterns and wish I could have a few down the road for my gardens.

 photo IMG_9371_zpsf5841287.jpg

 photo IMG_9372_zps73d47365.jpg

I walked north from the shrine and passed a few buildings in the woods.

 photo IMG_9374_zps1dfba7da.jpg

I found a little restaurant before I headed back to the park and I sat outside and order some food. I was hungry!

 photo IMG_9377_zps9ae419da.jpg

 photo IMG_9378_zps09cd55bc.jpg

I got some mushrooms and onions in my bowl with noodles, was tasty!

 photo DSCF3440_zps61870cc5.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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