Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ginkakuji (Siler Pavilion) in Autumn Kyoto

Ginkakuji or the "Silver Pavilion" is a wonderful  temple to go see. It is one of my favorites in Kyoto and it is right off the Philosophers path. I have a full post on all the information about it here from my previous trip. So I will spare the long info about this temple so you can check out the visit in the autumn. A lot more people!
The colors with the pine and maples on the grounds were magnificent and you can appreciate the work put in to maintain this look.

 photo IMG_9899_zps5d4c6aeb.jpg

 photo IMG_9865_zpsd17f28e9.jpg

It was beautiful at that time of day and the only thing that was not enjoyable was all the people reaching over you and pushing.

 photo IMG_9869_zps38db3e3c.jpg

The way  that this dry garden was shaped make it look like I used a fish eye lens but it turns here...

 photo IMG_9870_zps60b8f561.jpg

 photo IMG_9873_zpse504aced.jpg

Loving the colors...

 photo IMG_9878_zpse6d68d39.jpg

It is cool that the path wraps around the grounds and up on the hill so you can look over the temple below and its amazing gardens...

 photo IMG_9895_zpsfac0b940.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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