Sunday, March 23, 2014

Camera Naniwa - Kyoto

I came across this small camera store off the shopping district in Kyoto and they had a lot of used old film cameras for sale. It was great to even just look at some of them. Some rare stuff and stuff that I have not seen before. They also had samples out for New cameras if you wanted to order one. 

 photo DSCF3706_zps12c79717.jpg
Tones of cameras, range finders, medium format and point and shoot.

 photo DSCF3705_zps1d1c3d7a.jpg  photo DSCF3704_zps975abccf.jpg  photo DSCF3703_zps15f6b7b2.jpg

They had a good selection of lenses too. I ended up buying a old Canon strap for my dslr. Love it.

 photo DSCF3702_zps075d35a5.jpg

Thanks for looking and you should stop by there.

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