Friday, February 7, 2014

Yoshikien Garden in Nara, Japan

The Yoshikien Garden in central Nara was free! If you show that you are a foreigner by passport you just fill out a survey and free of charge. It is right next to Isuien Garden. The name of the garden is from the Yoshigawa river which is the stream that passes between the two gardens. It was once the location of Kofukuji's former priest residence. There are three types of gardens; pond, tea and moss garden at this site which givers you a big variety. 

There is a lot of moss here and was pleasant to see!

 photo IMG_9345_zps29187ed0.jpg

There was a small tea house that looked out at the moss garden.

 photo IMG_9343_zpsb5152139.jpg  photo IMG_9344_zpseda28df0.jpg

Would you like to stay there and wake up and look at moss?

 photo IMG_9348_zpse8a3c7bf.jpg

I really enjoy looking at moss...

 photo IMG_9350_zps87994af1.jpg  photo IMG_9351_zpsfedc0af6.jpg

There was some construction at the gardens.

 photo IMG_9341_zpsc2e3577b.jpg

This is the over all look from the house of the moss garden.

 photo IMG_9349_zpsafa3f57b.jpg  photo IMG_9352_zpse416f94b.jpg

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