Monday, February 24, 2014

My Ride to Nara Japan

I went to Nara for a day from Kyoto. It is an easy day trip just go early to avoid the crowds at the Daibutsu in Todai-ji. I took a local train from Kyoto all the way to Nara by accident and it took forever! On the way back which is pictured I took the express on the JR Line and is was magically fast and really empty. 
I saw this big temple out from the window when we were rolling along at 70mph..

 photo DSCF3445_zpseb7d3cd0.jpg

No one was inside the train except for two other foreigners...

 photo DSCF3448_zpsebf9bf78.jpg

Passing a whole bunch of rice fields and crops on the way back and could see the highway raised over the fields in the distance...

 photo DSCF3452_zps4faf368d.jpg

I'm now just a few miles south of Kyoto Station...

 photo DSCF3454_zps4c4a1a5b.jpg

I could see the corporate building for Nintendo!

 photo DSCF3456_zps2e8c97e8.jpg

I'm closer because I can see To-ji Temple with the tall Pagoda!

 photo DSCF3457_zps9aaaa4f4.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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