Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kaisando Hall at Tofuku-ji Temple Kyoto

Tofukuji Temple is a big temple which draws a TON of people especially at this time of year. I went here right after Fushimi Inari Shrine and the crowds had grown. The colors are wonderful though! Kaisando Hall or the Founders Hall is part of the complex. I been here before and here was the original post from a year ago. I just had to go back and visit more of the buildings and the foliage. 
Here is the Tsutenkyo Bridge that passes over a small valley with a river below. It is a popular place for autumn color viewings.

 photo IMG_9443_zpsfbaee27c.jpg

The maples were lovely!

 photo IMG_9447_zps99b687ea.jpg

The gardens of the Kaisando Hall are contrasting in which on side of the stone pat you have a dry garden made up of mostly sand and then you have this side that is lush in green.

 photo IMG_9450_zpsd85e71aa.jpg

Even though it is early/mid fall the green is still so strong here...

 photo IMG_9453_zpsfe969c08.jpg

The dry garden of the Kaisando Hall...

 photo IMG_9457_zpsb375c2be.jpg

Plenty of people walking and coming in. Sitting and standing admiring...

 photo IMG_9458_zpsb8d8beff.jpg  photo IMG_9459_zps968ab63f.jpg

Here is the Tsuten-kyo bridge again looking out...

 photo IMG_9462_zpscf406ebf.jpg

The reds are bright...

 photo IMG_9464_zps972eecd0.jpg  photo IMG_9473_zpsc5cfeb3b.jpg

Still pleasant to see with the crazy amounts of people...

 photo IMG_9445_zpsfc19ff79.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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