Friday, February 21, 2014

Juko-in Temple - Daitokuji Complex Kyoto, Japan

This temple was founded in 1566 as a mortuary temple for Miyoshi Nagayoshi and in 1589 it was designated as a mortuary temple for Sen no Rikyu's family. It is within the Daitoku-ji temple complex in northern Kyoto. This temple is not usually open but it was at this time so it was a special treat. The man that I was with and myself were the only two people in as it was about to close in 20 minutes.

 photo IMG_9192_zps1f298bc4.jpg

Really quite even though it is surrounded by Northern Kyoto...

 photo IMG_9190_zps771fbdd8.jpg

Was nice to see the inside of the buildings...

 photo IMG_9194_zpscce700a0.jpg  photo IMG_9196_zps893d9d7d.jpg

The carpentry is amazing back in the day but most of this was probably refurbished.

 photo IMG_9197_zps4bc3fae6.jpg  photo IMG_9198_zps6f0c9e48.jpg

Thanks for looking!
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