Monday, February 10, 2014

Hosen-in Temple - Ohara, Kyoto, Japan

This is a well known temple from locals that I talked to. The price is 800 Yen for an adult which is high but you get matcha and a sweet. It is a sub-temple of Shorin-in and was established in 1012 as a lodging for Shorin-in. It has a 700 year old pine tree, the branches have to be held up by wooden beams. Goyo-no matsu is the name and that is what is in the frame below. Absolutely gorgeous. What I didn't know at the time is that this was one of the temples that received some to the blood stained floors from Fushimi Castle where there was a mass suicide from defeated soldiers. Right above where the lady is serving the Match, the ceiling has the boards where you can see the blood staining with blood puddles and foot prints. They divided the floors across a few temples so they can be remembered.

 photo IMG_9181_zpsfc6b9afa.jpg

It was somewhat raining that morning and on and off through out my time in Ohara and that is why they covered the sand mound that you see below in the sand.

 photo IMG_9153_zpsd305ec62.jpg

The pine was marvelous and well groomed...

 photo IMG_9157_zps4ad8f518.jpg

There was some color among the trees but the pine, cedar and bamboo maintained their nice green.

 photo IMG_9158_zps616aa472.jpg

Here I am, a lady that wanted to practice her English with me started up a conversation and offered to take my picture for me! Behind me beyond the wooden fence you can see the 700 year old tree that has been shaped to resemble Mt. Fuji

 photo IMG_9159_zps8c406607.jpg

The garden which you can view before you go inside is wonderful. This rock bridge was captivating to me, I stared at it for long periods. It ends above the sand that resembles a pond below.

 photo IMG_9165_zps3910cf8c.jpg

The boarded of this garden was lined with bamboo which once in awhile you get a glimpse of the mountains that are in the background. There was much color and the rock formation that was built in the middle of this garden had my thinking for a long time...

 photo IMG_9164_zps0ab28c19.jpg

I never saw something like this in a Japanese Garden, but the bamboo that is horizontal brings in water onto this rock and then had these flat rocks encircle it.

 photo IMG_9172_zps176839c4.jpg

A touch of color...

 photo IMG_9171_zps004834f6.jpg  photo IMG_9173_zps65762a7e.jpg

Here was another angle of ending rock bridge...

 photo IMG_9175_zps56da0a3e.jpg

Here was a spot inside where hundred of years ago the priest perhaps cooked their meals

 photo IMG_9177_zpsf8bb2a09.jpg

I enjoyed this bowl of Match and a sweet where I sat and looked out at the gardens and the ancient tree

 photo IMG_9180_zps88d1bbca.jpg

The gardens encircled the building and there was a picture worth so many words out every window but was better to remain silent...

 photo IMG_9183_zps2d3e3247.jpg  photo IMG_9185_zpsa340a3b6.jpg

Thanks for looking! Hope you make it there!
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