Monday, February 17, 2014

Enryaku-ji Temple - Mt. Hieizan, Kyoto

This use to be a massive Temple complex on top of Mt. Hiei (Hiei-zan). It was established in 767 by Saicho who introduced Tendai sect from Mahayana Buddhism to Japan from mainland China. It is significant in the history of Kyoto and even all Japan. It is the head Tendai sect temple and is a UNESCO site. This temple grew in size by temples (up to 3,000 sub temples) and monks. It had a large group of "warrior monks" and it was a strong force in Japan and in the government. Feeling threatened by this warrior monk class, Oda Nobunaga in 1571 ordered his forces to march up the mountain that over looked the ancient capital and slaughtered the monks and burned the temple to the ground. The current buildings were erected in the 1600-1700 century after a change in the government. Now temple complex today is in three areas the Sai-to, To-do and Yokawa. 
My travels to the mountain (by cable car and rope way) was cut short because I was unprepared for how cold it got that day so I only visited one the the areas. 

I specifically went this time because the colors were showing up in the mountain.

 photo IMG_8885_zps85e869ff.jpg

I love the mountains and temples so this was great day trip form Kyoto.

 photo IMG_8887_zpse5afcea5.jpg  photo IMG_8878_zps76fe4c82.jpg

Here is the bell tower or Shoro.

 photo IMG_8882_zps579a328d.jpg

There was a small temple along an mountain path that I took.

 photo IMG_8899_zps3be070d3.jpg

I huddled under a front entrance way because it started to rain cats and dogs and I had short sleeves on. It had dropped to 45 degrees F.

 photo IMG_8900_zpsc422fb54.jpg

These lanterns were huge, was a nice quite walk through the mountain.

 photo IMG_8898_zps5d3bca6f.jpg

The maples and moss compliment each other a lot and just drove my joy higher.

 photo IMG_8897_zps5d402f27.jpg  photo IMG_8894_zpsd9ef3bfa.jpg

I don't know what they are called but they have so much color when they wrap this bib thing around some statues. There was also a opened bottle of water left there for the fox statue.

 photo IMG_8891_zps34719769.jpg  photo IMG_8890_zps70cd49a8.jpg  photo IMG_8886_zpsbaa047b1.jpg  photo IMG_8874_zps06830cc2.jpg  photo IMG_8873_zpsa107037a.jpg  photo IMG_8870_zpse9b0ff23.jpg

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