Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Studio Ghibli Shop in Higashiyama

I may or may not be able to find this again but there are two shops in the Higashiyama area near Kiyomizu-dera temple going north to Yasaka Shrine. They had a ton of Studio Ghibli things to buy it was wonderful. They even had a massive stuffed Totoro by the front of the shops. 

 photo IMG_9908_zpse383bf3b.jpg
If you wanted it to have in your house you probably could find it...

 photo IMG_9906_zpsf9cc9ce0.jpg

My girl friend might have wanted that Gigi...

 photo IMG_9943_zpsa25a3e26.jpg

I know she would have loved this one

 photo IMG_9944_zpsb2563080.jpg

I almost got a piece of fabric to hang.

 photo IMG_9946_zpseb4f48e4.jpg  photo IMG_9947_zps65438f25.jpg

There was even this wood cut-out of Totoro standing next to the bus stop, I took a couples picture with it.

 photo IMG_9949_zpsea34d977.jpg
Thanks for looking!

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