Friday, January 31, 2014

Kibune to Kurama hike in Kyoto

I realize this now that the pictures are starting where we ended technically. I went with a companion to Kibune town to see the shrine and then we took the hike over Kurama mountain to the town of Kurama. It was a great hike and I recommend it to anyone. I say I got tired and the stairs going up were steep but I past people in there 80's that looked like it was an afternoon stroll. It was fascinating in that it seamed like an ancient forest with these straight and tall cedar trees but there was something magical about it since I am use the the Appalachian Mountains where you don't have tall narrow Cedar's. 

You get a good view once in a while from points on the trail and here is one over Kurama-dera...

 photo IMG_9001_zps00289e9d.jpg

There is a part of the trail where on top you will see the Cedar trees have their roots running all over the top of the ground.

 photo IMG_9000_zpsd89d2cd0.jpg

 photo IMG_9024_zps182a00d8.jpg

It seamed on the Kurama side of the mountain there was more rain and overcast weather but still pleasant...

 photo IMG_9021_zps9db778e8.jpg

This is the entrance to the trail and Kurama-dera from the town of Kurama...

 photo IMG_9033_zps2155d60f.jpg  photo IMG_9031_zps76ea74d7.jpg

There are small shrines along the trail for a quick prayer....

 photo IMG_8997_zps050eca2f.jpg

This was a magical area where this small shrine was sitting in this nest of intertwining roots....

 photo IMG_8991_zps3922f484.jpg

This one shrine had a few frogs around it in statue form...

 photo IMG_8989_zps9da18e15.jpg

The trail is easy to follow because it is worn in and has a rope railing...

 photo IMG_8986_zps2c76b9f4.jpg

This was the first shrine we saw coming from Kibune up the mountain. Great place to sit and relax as you just endured a steep climb up the stairs.

 photo IMG_8984_zps71d24dba.jpg  photo IMG_8983_zpsd1be6484.jpg

The stairs...

 photo IMG_8979_zpsca49782a.jpg

This intrigues me as I am use to deciduous trees which turn and bend and this forest was full of straight as a pen cedar trees.

 photo IMG_8978_zps9c3c200e.jpg

Travel uip this trail in colder times from the Kibune side and end in Kurama where you can enjoy the hot springs.
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