Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kennin-ji Temple a walk through - Kyoto, Japan

This temple is the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto and that says something. It was started in 1202 by Yousai and it belongs to the Renzai sect. Yousai was ordained by 14 and studied on the temple on Mt. Hiei. It is located near the Gion district next to all the hub bub of Kyoto. It was a nice temple to walk around especially when it was a few blocks from my hostel. It had people coming and going from it all the time since it was located in the busy area of Kyoto. 

 photo IMG_8927_zps7055afe9.jpg

Here is the Sanmon...

 photo IMG_8921_zpsa604ae17.jpg  photo IMG_8920_zpsc780feee.jpg

The colors with the moss are wonderful to see...

 photo IMG_8928_zps2a399dfc.jpg  photo IMG_8925_zpsf3dac6aa.jpg  photo IMG_8924_zps4b1eeb2d.jpg

These rocks with rope on them are a simple sign to say no entry. It is better then an actual sign that could be an eye sore in the gardens.

 photo IMG_8930_zps2fdef2c5.jpg

I have a post coming up in the future that has the inside on Kennin-ji, i hope you enjoy.
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