Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trip to Japan: The Sage Continues

Hey Everyone.

It really has been awhile since I last did a post. I have been busy and with Fall/Autumn around I try to keep myself busy. I had been working a lot on models and also getting outside. I have also been traveling a lot within Virginia for my job which is really fun even if I am passing by in the truck. I still feel that I have yet really explored Virginia and I hope next year I will take more weekend trips for that, but I am not really hear to be writing about traveling in Virginia. On Saturday I will be traveling back to Japan, Kyoto specifically and I am pretty excited. I have somethings lined up that pan out and if they don't they don't. That is why there are contingency plans or just do it on the fly. I am hoping I can enjoy another two weeks of Autumn colors in the old capital. I am all set and ready for a vacation. I will also be getting a ton f pictures of the foods I eat as well what I drink for the food blog that my girlfriend and I have.
Please if you are in Kyoto, I would love to catch up with anyone who wants to grab a drink or walk around taking pictures.
I have some pictures from Old Rag and a river I visited that I will try to get up and scheduled before I go so you have something to check out. If you don't follow my instagram or twitter I suggest you should as I will most definitely be putting up pictures there while on my trip and then uploading them here once I get back.
I had a wonderful meeting last night with a couple that help and are really active with Virginia and Japan relations. I really would like to get to be apart of the non-profit and help with the relations. It is very interesting to learn that there is so much major Japanese Company influence here in Virginia like Canon and Mitsubishi.
I will have lots to talk about when I return and lots to post. I will try my best to get up my photos quicker then I did last time. I feel like it took a year to upload them up but there was so much  to cover!



  1. Hi Sam, Its been a while, everyone has been so busy.
    Its nice to hear everything is going well and your enjoying your vacation in Kyoto!
    I saw some pictures on Instigram and really love the autumn colors, the red and orange is such a sight it pains me not to be able to see them. Anyway Looking forward to your pictures, I really have to get back to blogging and also start keeping up with fellow bloggers, this year has really been a weird one.

    Enjoy your trip which im sure you currently are!

    1. I look forward to your new posts. I been neglectful on posting my photos but starting today I am getting them up finally! My trip was a blast at that.
      Hope you have a happy holidays!


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