Friday, November 8, 2013

Old Rag in the Fall 13

Old Rag Mountain has got to be my favorite hike still. It is just the right length is really a challenge for yourself. I was really depressed when we had the government shutdown and Shendandoah National  Park was closed. As soon as it opened that week I went on a Saturday morning to defeat it. I had left at 5 something in the morning so I could be there at sunrise which was 7:15am and I got there right before and started in the dark. Was worth it as it lessened the amount of people that I hiked with considerably. I was mostly alone all the way up and into the rock scramble with people ahead and people way back. The problem with this hike is if you do not start early you hit a TON of people on the trail which makes it less enjoyable for me as I have to quicken and slow my pace and wait as well, especially at the scramble. Anyways it went great and I hope you enjoy the pictures. For the most part the camera configuration was a Canon T3i with a 17-55mm 2.8 lens. 

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The day started out gorgeous, the moon was over top the mountain when I pulled down the windy road and the temperature was perfect.

Please continue to read below, more pictures!

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There was a lot of color up in the mountains but I could tell that the peak had just passed maybe a few days prior. Still gave me a lush look on the rocky crags and valley below to admire. 

 photo IMG_8731_zps675a50b7.jpg

 photo IMG_8737_zps496e03cc.jpg
The sun was doing all it could t get through the clouds above illuminating the Piedmont below

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The maples were wonderful to see as it added those deep reds into the green and gray of the trails. 

 photo IMG_8719_zps6c10f583.jpg  photo IMG_8741_zps7a3bf179.jpg
I would love to hit this trail in the spring time or about the time all the mountain laurel start blooming. There is a lot of laurel on the sides of the trail.

 photo IMG_8743_zps13687149.jpg  photo IMG_8744_zps9f256bc9.jpg
The rock scramble is tough but always fun. I try my best to get through it hands and knees without bumping my camera.

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There s a small tunnel along the trail that is always interesting. 

 photo IMG_8755_zpsfa3d33d7.jpg
You will also come across this lonely rock that has been there for a very long time greeting travelers...

 photo IMG_8761_zpse67827c3.jpg
Not quite at the summit but you will find on the way up that there is a ton of views that you can get without getting there. It adds a great climb with always a glimpse of a view into far away lands. 

 photo IMG_8766_zps61e296b5.jpg  photo IMG_8779_zps95c43e6e.jpg  photo IMG_8786_zps405b42fb.jpg
I really enjoy the oranges and yellows that the trees have to offer. Yellow is that color that is just bright and you only get to see it in nature like this one season out of the year. 

 photo IMG_8793_zps31d4f203.jpg  photo IMG_8794_zpsd3f6e76b.jpg
There was a stream that I also saw on the way down the fire road. You can look at it all the way back to the parking lot and adds a refreshing feeling to you as you take the long trail back. It was nice to see.

 photo IMG_8799_zpsd8bc4807.jpg
The fire road was lined by thousands of Tulip Popular trees that were yellow. It was marvelous and a nice walk. There was a slight breeze that would take the leaves and drift them across my path. 
Always have a fantastic time hiking Old Rag

Thanks for looking.
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