Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time in the Sky - Shenandoah National Park

Went up to Shenandoah National Park about two weekends ago and had a great time. the weather wasn't all that bad, rained a little but was nice. My girlfriend didn't get cold at night either which was a plus for her. Unlike the last time we went in Spring we got to see all kinds of wildlife this time around. Anyways check out the pictures! 
Clouds were blowing over. There was a slight wind that made the temperature great for hiking!

 photo IMG_8558_zps4f3377be.jpg
We went to Lewis Falls in which you can access the trail from a parking lot next to Big Meadows. It is a nice hike down like pretty much all the falls off Skyline Drive and hike back up to the lot.

 photo IMG_8556_zps6abc9b93.jpg 

There really wasn't to many good angles to see the falls except this one. You can be over top the falls as well and get a view into the valley. 

 photo IMG_8552_zpsbee0bf28.jpg  photo IMG_8546_zps5da7b726.jpg

There was quite a bit of moss and short growth along the trail. I'm a moss man so it was much appreciated. 

 photo IMG_8545_zps06c4de74.jpg 

There is a nice view from the parking lot at Big Meadows cabin. It is a short 100 ft hike up to it and you get a great look out to the valley below and the mountains beyond. 

 photo IMG_8528_zpsc36953d6.jpg 

From a overlook I was taking a look at Old Rag in the clouds. It looked like it would have been a humid day to hike the mountain but it would have been interesting with clouds covering everything. 

 photo IMG_8527_zps0be1ff02.jpg

My girlfriend enjoyed Big Meadows and we walked around it for maybe 2 hours. There was hardly anyone out there and there were a few deer enjoying themselves. 

 photo IMG_8490_zpsadebf8bc.jpg

The grass and plants were a little wet and made the walking soft on the feet. We came across some very soft moss in which some was five inches thick. 

 photo IMG_8480_zpsbe76ee42.jpg 

We sat out in the meadow and had our lunch and i was great. We were in shade and was gorgeous out. We wish we brought books to sit out there longer. 

 photo IMG_8493_zpsf6074235.jpg 

This moth was being sneaky trying to hide hehe

 photo IMG_8561_zps8120b5fd.jpg 

There were a few millipedes walking around, some climbing trees like this one!

 photo IMG_8560_zps99a3f185.jpg

There were also a lot of butterfly that were happy with all the wild flowers that were out.

 photo IMG_8553_zpsc05afee5.jpg 

At our camp site a fawn and mother were near by but the fawn got really close to us. It was eating something and it looked so happy!

 photo IMG_8531_zpsc0c56157.jpg  photo IMG_8533_zps6340d4ca.jpg 

We were also lucky to see some black bears eating some apples in this tree. They were cute! If I could show how many people there were taking pictures next to me you would laugh. We had blocked up Skyline Drive with cars!

 photo IMG_8520_zpse1deede4.jpg

The flowers were great to see, the last time we went was wildflower weekend and there were now flowers but now there were these and yellow all over. 

 photo IMG_8516_zps2438d19b.jpg 

This flower had its petals eaten at an interesting pattern.

 photo IMG_8483_zps613db5e9.jpg 

Finally Moss! Its so lushes and green. It was so soft!

 photo IMG_8492_zps457efdef.jpg

Thanks for taking a look!!!

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