Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sights at Imamiya Shrine Round 3

Imamiya Shrine, how I miss the. It was really a nice small shrine up in Kita-ku. Here are three other posts; the main one, another and another! 
This is the main hall below.  

 photo IMG_0771.jpg 

Nice and empty!

 photo IMG_0772.jpg  photo IMG_0773.jpg  photo IMG_0774.jpg  photo IMG_0776.jpg  photo IMG_0778.jpg  photo IMG_0781.jpg

I could take pictures of lanterns all around Japan if I could.

 photo IMG_0782.jpg

I love checking out these. Funny pictures

 photo IMG_0783.jpg  photo IMG_0786.jpg  photo IMG_0788.jpg  photo IMG_0789.jpg  photo IMG_0790.jpg  photo IMG_0792.jpg  photo IMG_0793.jpg

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