Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Streets of Kyoto

Hey everyone!
So I decided to post some more random pictures of Kyoto when I traveled the streets. It is a very interesting city and worth just to take a stroll in any part of it. Most of these were taken for no reason at all other then to have some extra pictures haha

Here is a taxi that was heading over a bridge over the Kamigamo River near Higashiyama...

 photo IMG_0125.jpg
I walked on a few streets that were along the Philosophers Path. There were interesting houses along the street like this wood house. Kinda reminded of some houses in the country back home.

 photo IMG_0353.jpg

These mirrors are everywhere along roads and corners for people to check so you wont hit someone or something. They are especially nice on some of the smaller back roads and out in the suburbs. 

 photo IMG_0393.jpg  photo IMG_0395.jpg

Streets are really narrow and some people still do just fine with narrow cars and excellent maneuverability. 

 photo IMG_0403.jpg

Nothing but white vehicles all lined up and parked. 

 photo IMG_0412.jpg

When putting out the trash they throw out blue nets over the bag to keep it together.Or maybe for it to not fall apart or blow away. 

 photo IMG_0105.jpg  photo IMG_0415.jpg

Everyone hangs their clothes or sheets to dry as electricity isn't really in huge but gas is. So not huge appliances like dishwashers or dryers are used. 

 photo IMG_0431.jpg  photo IMG_0574.jpg

I like all the different signs that there are on my travels. 

 photo IMG_0826.jpg  photo IMG_0888.jpg

Find Maple's everywhere...

 photo IMG_0894.jpg  photo IMG_0986.jpg


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