Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sights at Imamiya Shrine

Imamiya Shrine is located in Kita-ku District up in Northern Kyoto. I have a formal post here if you care to read. It is also located to the large temple complex of Daitoku-ji. I stopped by here really early in the morning when there wasn't anyone to be seen.
This guy was here taking some photographs with his Canon, had a nice backpack to boot. 

 photo IMG_0730.jpg 
These restaurants called Ichiwa and Kazariya which are aburimochi where they serve roasted rice cakes. They have been opened since 1002 and 1656. Old!

 photo IMG_0731.jpg  photo IMG_0732.jpg  photo IMG_0733.jpg  photo IMG_0735.jpg  photo IMG_0737.jpg

Love the roofing!

 photo IMG_0738.jpg 

 photo IMG_0739.jpg 

There are a bunch of tiny little shrines within the grounds like this one. All for something different. 

 photo IMG_0740.jpg  photo IMG_0742.jpg

A Spring to cleans oneself for prayer and entrance to  the shrine...

 photo IMG_0743.jpg  photo IMG_0744.jpg  photo IMG_0745.jpg  photo IMG_0746.jpg  photo IMG_0748.jpg  photo IMG_0750.jpg 

There was a bulletin board on the grounds and there was this dragon made from ceder wood, was pretty neat!

 photo IMG_0752.jpg  photo IMG_0753.jpg

Barrels that are donated for display and festivals

 photo IMG_0754.jpg  photo IMG_0755.jpg

Thanks for taking a look! I got more where that came from!

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