Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sights at Imamiya Shrine Round 2

Here is some more of Imamiya Shrine! I love this place and I will have one more post of it too!

 photo IMG_0757.jpg 

 photo IMG_0758.jpg  photo IMG_0756.jpg  photo IMG_0761.jpg 

These are many small shrines there.

 photo IMG_0762.jpg 

All of them have their own charm about them...

 photo IMG_0763.jpg 

A man in some working wear was going around dusting and sweeping with an old broom...It's like Kiki's broom in the movie haha

 photo IMG_0764.jpg  photo IMG_0765.jpg  photo IMG_0768.jpg 

This stone looks old!

 photo IMG_0770.jpg  photo IMG_0777.jpg 

Even shrines have cones laying around!

 photo IMG_0779.jpg  photo IMG_0780.jpg

Some more soon!

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