Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morning at the Beach - Nags Head

I went to the beach a few weeks back to enjoy are breather from work and such. I went out both mornings early to see the sun on the edge of the earth. The beach is so peaceful in the morning although you still hear the familiar crash of the waves on the sand. I can only go to the beach for a certain amount of time but there are many places to visit at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I hope you enjoy the photos and perhaps get the relaxing feeling of being there. 
Clouds were over the water in the morning, sweeping in to land...

 photo IMG_8353_zpsb9782a79.jpg
It was great in the morning but the sun had an intense heat on the skin in the afternoon.

 photo IMG_8354_zps98526f7b.jpg  photo IMG_8357_zpsbf2043b0.jpg

The duns on the beach are really important from keeping the beach from being swept away from tides and storms.

 photo IMG_8355_zpsde185d47.jpg  photo IMG_8358_zpse6bad236.jpg  photo IMG_8361_zps5498eabe.jpg 

The water was perfect for swimming.

 photo IMG_8364_zps884fde93.jpg  photo IMG_8365_zps97930aa6.jpg 

There are shells at the beach but 95% of them time they are broken up and cast about on the waters of the ocean. 

 photo IMG_8367_zps5f5ecc1c.jpg  photo IMG_8370_zps594392a5.jpg

The sea grasses are beautiful to see and have a nice soft rattle in the air when the wind passes through them.

 photo IMG_8381_zps9e34e11d.jpg

Here is a bonus picture, my father was out with me in the morning and wanted to have his picture taken!

 photo IMG_8376_zpsa6e829d4.jpg

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