Friday, July 26, 2013

Hang Gliding at the Dunes

I have never done the hang gliding class at Jockeys Ridge in Nags Head but I always seem to have the opportunity to watch others set out into the sky. It was late afternoon and kinda hot out so my mother and father did not join my sister and I to hike the dunes. There was only a slight breeze.

This Man was about to jump over the sand in the air when only a few miles away man had its first flight.

 photo IMG_8406_zpsbf7c50ea.jpg
He seamed to be enjoying himself but he couldn't turn the glider back to the right and started to one right towards my sister and I. he crashed into the grasses in front of us :(

 photo IMG_8413_zps9f8a0170.jpg

This pine tree is all alone in the sands.

 photo IMG_8396_zps32978f6d.jpg

This pine cone was no where near a pine tree, I wonder if it the wind had rolled it all the way there.

 photo IMG_8393_zps0c023a4e.jpg

An animal was running across the sand in the hot sun leaving behind some tracks to follow...

 photo IMG_8387_zps97b54187.jpg

If you get to an area where the dunes around you are higher then you line of sight it looks like you are no where near humanity and society. My sister was a little  disturbed haha

 photo IMG_8390_zps063bbf10.jpg

Thanks for joining me!

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