Friday, July 26, 2013

Hang Gliding at the Dunes

I have never done the hang gliding class at Jockeys Ridge in Nags Head but I always seem to have the opportunity to watch others set out into the sky. It was late afternoon and kinda hot out so my mother and father did not join my sister and I to hike the dunes. There was only a slight breeze.

This Man was about to jump over the sand in the air when only a few miles away man had its first flight.

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Konaka Residence, my home in Kyoto

I stayed at the Konak Residence in Kita Ward (Kita-ku) in the northern part of Kyoto. It was a wonderful experience to stay in a house and not a hotel or hostel. They were a nice couple that owned the house and Mr. Konaka's sister Senda was there as well. I saw her every morning for breakfast because I would get up early to go out for the day. She had some herring and rice in the morning and wonder what I was doing with my eggs. I made scrambled eggs with onions and cheese and put salsa on them haha. The building they own has a small import wine store downstairs and the upper floors is for their sister and home stay guests like myself. I got a small room in the corner of the house, it was the smallest of them and on the back side of the house. 
This window is to the house next doors wall! Still got a lot of light in there though.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morning at the Beach - Nags Head

I went to the beach a few weeks back to enjoy are breather from work and such. I went out both mornings early to see the sun on the edge of the earth. The beach is so peaceful in the morning although you still hear the familiar crash of the waves on the sand. I can only go to the beach for a certain amount of time but there are many places to visit at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I hope you enjoy the photos and perhaps get the relaxing feeling of being there. 
Clouds were over the water in the morning, sweeping in to land...

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chicken place in Tokyo

I can't read this and I don't know the name of it and wish I did. I hope I could find it again. It was in one of the maze rows of streets near Asakusa Temple. It was tasty and fairly cheap!! My friend Ari showed me this place!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sights at Imamiya Shrine

Imamiya Shrine is located in Kita-ku District up in Northern Kyoto. I have a formal post here if you care to read. It is also located to the large temple complex of Daitoku-ji. I stopped by here really early in the morning when there wasn't anyone to be seen.
This guy was here taking some photographs with his Canon, had a nice backpack to boot. 

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Streets of Kyoto

Hey everyone!
So I decided to post some more random pictures of Kyoto when I traveled the streets. It is a very interesting city and worth just to take a stroll in any part of it. Most of these were taken for no reason at all other then to have some extra pictures haha

Here is a taxi that was heading over a bridge over the Kamigamo River near Higashiyama...

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