Saturday, June 29, 2013

Philosophers Path - Kyoto, Japan

Tetsugaku no michi or the Philosophers Path is located in the northern part of Higashiyama district of Kyoto. It is a stoned path that runs along an old canal lined with cherry trees and it is 2 kilometers long. It starts or ends depending which way you go from Ginkaku-ji or Silver Pavilion and ends right around Nanzen-ji Temple. The name comes from Nishida Kitaro who was a famous philosopher who walked along the canal in daily meditation while heading to Kyoto University.
I decided to take the path by bike after I visited Ginkaku-ji, post here. It was a wonderful path to take on a sunny day, so it started out. It started to rain when I took the path back haha. 

There were a lot of school students at Ginkaku-ji but along the path it died out which was great since I had some peace and quiet.

 photo IMG_0343_zps585da57f.jpg 
There are houses along the path too and small cafe's and stores.

 photo IMG_0342_zpsa6ec15c5.jpg  photo IMG_0347_zps1735b457.jpg

Care for some Haagen dazs? 

 photo IMG_0349_zpsde8799ab.jpg  photo IMG_0350_zpsdb855541.jpg  photo IMG_0398_zps03c5a96a.jpg 

There are many places that are still surrounded by trees and shrubs... 

 photo IMG_0399_zps9ef8a766.jpg  photo IMG_0401_zps6f7eacfc.jpg 

I'm not the only one looking at a map to see what way I am going. It's nice that the maps along the path are in Japanese and English. 

 photo IMG_0417_zpscfc22d70.jpg  photo IMG_0418_zpsb2afbc6f.jpg 

There are other smaller temples along the path that you can stop at. I stopped at Honen-in Temple, post will be later and I tried to at Anraku-ji but it was closed. 

 photo IMG_0420_zps1aa13d03.jpg 

My lunch/snake was some baked goods that I got at the next door bakery from my house. It was yummy, it is like pizza bread with mushrooms and pepperoni. Even mayo is on it.

 photo IMG_0423_zps7ea0fec9.jpg 

Some people use it just to walk to the store or stroll to a neighbor's house. 

 photo IMG_0424_zpseaba3b27.jpg  photo IMG_0427_zps49df70ed.jpg  photo IMG_0428_zps1282e781.jpg  photo IMG_0432_zps92abf0dc.jpg  photo IMG_0434_zpse80d04d4.jpg

I like how girls use umbrellas not for rain, but for their fine skin from the sun rays! 

 photo IMG_0436_zps08036f06.jpg 

there was a small playground that was along the path that was interesting haha

 photo IMG_0453_zps01410237.jpg  photo IMG_0454_zps09affa5c.jpg

This little kitty was chilling out near the playground haha. It was cute and hung around me for a little while before it started to rain.

 photo IMG_0718_zpse73be850.jpg

I loved this path, wanted to do it again and I will!
info from Wikipedia 

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