Monday, June 17, 2013

Maymont Cherry

the Cherry Tree season was fantastic  again this year. I went to a lot more places that have Cherry Trees this year and even made a trip to Washington D.C. for the National Cherry Blossoms festival. I went to Richmond's Brown's Island where they have some and along VCU's main path for their's as well. Also went to Maymont a few times and that is what I have right here for everyone! 

The Cherry trees that are right along the road to the mansion are always lovely. A guy was actually filming them moving in the wind. He was there for a while. 

 photo IMG_8138_zpsac6515ea.jpg
The weeping cherry down by the Japanese Garden's pond was starting to bloom and looked great. It is a popular tree, best time to go is in the week and avoid crowds on the weekend.

 photo IMG_8120_zpsecc69ca0.jpg  photo IMG_8113_zpsa4f27f9e.jpg

They smell good to!

 photo IMG_8112_zpsdb58de7f.jpg

There are a few younger trees to but still never the less look great. 

 photo IMG_8105_zps533bcbd2.jpg

There were white and pink blossoms. I like the white ones with the pink in the center. 

 photo IMG_8130_zps42c94297.jpg

The bees also were enjoying the crap out of them.

 photo IMG_8135_zps5fdb0701.jpg 

Still look great in black and white. I already miss them :/

 photo IMG_8137_zpsfa145a74.jpg

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