Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Camping in the Spring in Shenandoah

So a few weeks when flowers had already bloomed in Richmond and trees had their leaves out my girlfriend and I went to Shenandoah National Park for some camping! She had not camped in years (like 10 possibly or more, probably more). We had a great weekend and the park actually labeled that the weekend as Wild flower Weekend where wildflowers were technically coming up. The funny thing is I thought that since it had been a few weeks since the Valley and Richmond had leaves but up there it was still bare in parts. It also got really chilly in the morning on Sunday when we went to hike. It was empty when we went up there to camp but later in the day Saturday everything was booked up till the next day so we left the Park for camping elsewhere. We stayed at this little funny place on Route 33 that was in Elkton. Wasn't bad, at least we camped still! Anyways, enjoy the photographs, I didn't take as much as I usually do. 

This was from Hawksbill Mountain, the tallest mountain in the park next to Stony Man which is 40 feet shorter. 

 photo IMG_8241_zpsd881d9e7.jpg
I also took her to Bearfence  which has a great 360 view of both the valley and towards the bay. It depends on what your weather is like but you can see far and clear if you are lucky!

 photo IMG_8200_zps9b9f173a.jpg

This was also from Hawksbill where you can get a good look at the rocky knob of Old Rag just east of you. Great hike!

 photo IMG_8248_zps8f8237f3.jpg 

We also went to Dark Hollow Falls near Big Meadows. I am so use to this hike being extremely crowded but we were the only ones going down int he morning. There were two old gents that were carrying camera equipment and tripods. I wont blame people, once you start  to head down the trail it got chilly and windy!

 photo IMG_8226_zps9a3aa12e.jpg 

Haha my girl friend is all bundled up and wanted to use my gloves. Was peaceful and quiet though. 

 photo IMG_8220_zps23d5d990.jpg

I hope the leaves come soon, actually they are probably there now as I type this. 

 photo IMG_8218_zps492bb6c8.jpg 

Some trees were flowering out a bit, I liked this one right on top the falls before the drop. 

 photo IMG_8214_zps7c4a4d0f.jpg 

 photo IMG_8210_zps13bc46bb.jpg

The moss and some wild flowers and weeds are doing great right now, that was the only green in some places. 

 photo IMG_8207_zps9a8f80eb.jpg 

We also walked along Limberlost which is an easy hike and pretty much handicapped accessible. 

 photo IMG_8267_zpsb042f018.jpg 

My good friend the ferns were trying to get up for the year as well. 

 photo IMG_8255_zps28cc1168.jpg

 photo IMG_8252_zps96615211.jpg

 photo IMG_8228_zpsf716d646.jpg

I took quite a few pictures of moss but only decided to put some up. 

 photo IMG_8215_zpsd4ca5c7d.jpg  photo IMG_8193_zps0dbccfa0.jpg 

The tree flowers that were out were such a joy to see, it added more color to the mostly still gray background. 

 photo IMG_8208_zps0e7a8bf9.jpg

Lichen will always be there no matter what time of the year.

 photo IMG_8189_zps80d4c5d3.jpg 

Butterfly's were enjoying the dandelions everywhere! You know  that you can eat any part of a dandelion rare or cooked if you ever get stranded and need to survive. 

 photo IMG_8261_zps81101663.jpg 

There were lots of song birds that were flying around us along the trails. I guess they were matting or taking care of their nests. 

 photo IMG_8240_zps4f13f5b8.jpg

Follow the trail markers! It is pretty easy though and hard to get lost in these mountains. Just head down the mountain and you will be sure to find help.

 photo IMG_8199_zps63b99995.jpg

Thanks for taking a look!!!!

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